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Since 2007 we have specialized in selling used cycling gear on eBay. Complete bikes, frames, wheels, parts and accessories. If it has to do with cycling, you name it we have sold it. If you have cycling gear you don't use or are replacing and would like to get some money back for it let us help you make the most for it with minimal hassle. Located in Englewood, NJ we are only minutes from NYC. 


-Send us your gear or Schedule Pickup in the NYC area.

-We take care of the entire process of cleaning, photographing, describing and shipping.

-You receive an e-mail when items are listed with links to the auction.

-We mail out a check or send paypal funds to you once sales are completed.


-40% of first $50

-30% of next $1000

-25% of next $1500

-20% of remaining balance

*per item

 We have helped hundreds of customers over the years to sell their old cycling gear. We have also been a great way for shops, reps and manufacturers to sell off old inventory. If you are a shop or company looking to sell your old inventory please get in touch with us. If you are a shop that is looking to take trade ins but does not want to deal with reselling used bikes we can also help.

Contact us below to get started!

  • Turn Your Bike In To Store Credit

Turning your current bike into credit towards a new model couldn't be easier. We have a straightforward process that ensures that you receive fair market value and helps you avoid the hassle of listing your bike online. Visit us today to learn more.


Dust off your old bike
and bring it to us.


Shop for a new bike while
we evaluate your trade-in.


Turn your store credit
into a new bike and go ride!

Contact us about our bike trade-in program today.

Find Your New Bike

Start exploring our bike selection online and get excited for the new possibilities that await you when you visit us with your trade-in.